The Power Of Sending Love

Love is universal

I want to tell you a story. A true story of how I used love recently to change the course of a situation I was in and how this is just one example of how I use love energy every day to help me live a more conscious life, a life that is reflecting back to me what I am sending out.

You see love is not just an emotion we feel between our husbands, wives, children, family and friends. Love is a universal power emotion which can completely change your life if you wish to tune into its frequency. It is a tool to be used in our everyday lives and is always accessible.

I have always been drawn to love energy, and before my awakening, I was extremely focused on giving this love energy out to all of the people in my life, but I was not so good at giving it to myself. This lesson I learned quickly.

Now I am adept at showing myself love and prioritising this every day most of the time, I can see the power that it holds.

A day of self-love

I had an unexpected free day recently and my intuition was guiding me to drop the ‘to-do’ list and take some time for myself. So I decided to show myself some love by heading out into nature. The beach is my most favourite place so that is where I went.

I walked, chatted to passers-by, revelled in the wonder of nature, did a couple of inspiring videos for my Facebook page and quite frankly, I felt on top of the world. I was in such a high vibe mood and felt that I had gained some clarity on what steps I could take next with my business. I felt untouchable and after my walk was looking forward to a coffee on the way home.

Love as a teacher

I arrived at the cafe in an amazing mood, really looking forward to having a moment of presence, drinking coffee and enjoying the incredible view. When I entered the cafe, I was behind a couple of people and waited in the queue patiently. I was observing the waitress behind the desk who was taking the orders and she was visibly stressed. She had a pained facial expression and was finding it difficult to give eye contact to others. I could feel the negative energy coming from her and the two customers in front of me gave the bare minimum of chat and moved on.

Now it was my turn, so I greeted her with a warm smile. Even though my smile was warm she was not able to reciprocate at that moment. I then asked if I could sit at a specific table, and the reply was no. The lady seemed really under stress. I have to admit that I was a little triggered here. My mind was offended by the rejection so I sent love to myself and allowed the feelings of rejection to pass through. I then suggested an alternative place for me to sit and she agreed.

As I sat down I began to ask myself why this had happened, today of all days, what was I supposed to learn or take from this situation? I was having a high vibe day, I had emanated kindness all day, and here I was being met with hostility. Then I remembered ‘love’. Even though I use love energy every day, I still need a little reminder sometimes. I brought the lady into my mind and sent her love energy. When I do this I say the words ‘I send you love’ and feel love energy radiating from me and visualise in my mind rose pink hearts entering the person’s heart centre. I did this for a couple of minutes or so and then focused on the beautiful view and waited for my coffee to arrive.

The waitress was busy taking orders to people and then a short while later she passed by me, and put her hand on my shoulder and warmly, with a smile said ‘are you sure you are OK sitting here?’ At that moment, I was yet again, astounded by the power of love. I believe, the love energy I sent her, she felt on a subconscious level and this led her to respond to me in a warm way.

Love can change your world

Responding to other people’s pain, with love, always works. I could have responded to her hostility with a similar tone. I could have argued with her about the original place I had wanted to sit. I could have complained and have asked to speak to the manager about the refusal of my perceived simple request. But I didn’t. I responded to her warmly, throughout our interaction.

When people behave in a negative way, when others are rude, hostile, mean, unkind or uncaring, it means that their pain, stress or anxiety is spilling out. It means that they are having a hard time keeping their stress inside, so it gets projected onto others. These people need our love, not our criticism.

In the past, I have been that person that has pointed out someone’s tone if they are rude and asked that they change the way they speak to me, but have spoken my truth in a hostile way. I have been that person in the past that has complained about my perceived unreasonable rejections to my requests with the same tone that I have been met with.

But this is not who I am anymore. I am not saying that we put up with eating a cold meal at a restaurant but there are ways of delivering information and delivering your point of view and this can be done from a place of love. Sharing your viewpoint when operating out of love always delivers a positive outcome.

The power of sending love to change the course of situations is unknown to most but it really, really works. Our energy is so powerful whether it is positive or negative for positive or negative outcomes. I believe love can really change the world.

Much love


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