“Jayne is a true professional and creates a lovely, relaxing environment. I always feel I benefit from every session. Jayne is very knowledgeable and able to give relevant feedback that always helps me focus going forward. Her positivity and warmth radiates from her and you can’t help feeling uplifted in her company.”

Judy George

“I have had several sessions with Jayne and have been amazed at the positive benefits I have experienced. Jayne is very intuitive and provides insightful feedback after each session and advice for self-improvement. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough.”

Susan Cameron

Spiritual Women’s Group

“Jayne has helped guide me along a path of self-discovery, with many ‘a-ha’ moments along the way. I have felt nurtured, comforted, safe and valued within the group and leave balanced, more positive and ready for what the future brings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“Jayne created a loving and safe space for us women to connect. As someone who facilitates groups and workshops myself, it was lovely to be able to relax and enjoy the experience. We laughed, cried and learned together and I will miss our meetups. I would highly recommend going along to one of Jayne’s groups. You will be made to feel very welcome and will leave with new friends and feeling relaxed and nurtured.”


“Jayne is very kind, caring and understanding. If she sets you a task and it’s too difficult, then she works with you to find the right task for you. I had real problems with mirror work and self love but Jayne was very patient and helped me find new ways to approach it until I got it right. The group was lovely and everybody helped each other out and kept everything confidential. This group has really helped me handle my stress levels and anxiety and I cannot recommend it enough.”

Selina Sharp

“I had the pleasure of being part of this wonderful group of women and it has given me more understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditations, especially the rainbow chakra one. I feel that I have learnt a lot about myself and feel more nurtured to continue on my self-care journey. Jayne has been an inspiration and shown us the way to a more balanced future.”

Theresa Murdoch

“It has been a wonderful experience meeting like-minded souls who are all at different points on their journey. Jayne has been a lovely, kind and wise soul. Thank you all for sharing the precious gift of time with me.”

Christine Donaldson

“I attended Jayne’s spiritual growth women’s group. She has a beautiful, gentle way of communicating that immediately makes you feel at ease and comfortable in the group. Jayne is open, honest and genuinely wants to help others grow to reach a new depth of self understanding and attain new possibilities to assist with today’s busy lifestyle. She has great knowledge, insight and understanding of the topics covered each week and delivers it in a warm, light way that doesn’t feel intimidating or difficult to follow. This group is perfect if you are new to self development.”


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